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It this Kiwi? Or is it Ozzie?

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This turned out to be a lazy day. We didn't feel obliged to be sucked into any of the other tourist traps around Cairns. The warm weather was enough reason for coming over! As it turned out, it rained ... but the temperature was still nice.

Throughout our stay, this question kept popping into our conversations. “Is xxxxx Kiwi or is it Ozzie?” xxxxx refers to very common Kiwi things, names and brands (or so we thought).

There’s Mitre 10 and Bunnings at the shopping centre, the cabbage tree by the motorway, the fern in the forest … all the things that seem really Kiwi.You really start to wonder what is Kiwi and what is Ozzie.

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Up the coast

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[http://images.travbuddy.com/5550_124852277828.jpg]A Cairns suburban beach.
Today we went for a long drive to explore some of the recommended sights out of Cairns [Cairns-travel-guide-151891].

We stopped briefly at some of the suburban beaches ... they are nice but not great. The sand wasn't golden and the sea wasn't quite blue or green ... but I'd be more than happy to have it in front of my house!

Palm Cove (where we nearly stayed if it hadn't been for our great hotel deal) was lovely. It had a waterfront shaded with many trees and was oozing with character.

We didn't think that much of Port Douglas ... it was a town with characterless homes or holiday homes dotted with resorts. If did have a very nice beach called Four Mile Beach.

We then made our way to the Daintree National Park ... err ... I grew up in a rainforest so it wasn't any sort of discovery for me. Then coming back we called at Mossman Gorge where it was a bit too cold for a dip.


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Diving at Moore Reef

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Our Sunlover catamaran departed Cairns at 10am bound for Moore Reef. This trip was a NZD$1 add-on (normally worth AUD$180) to our Air New Zealand hotel purchase.

The 90 minute journey proved bumpy ... felt a bit sick but thing were better once we got to the reef. We tied up next to the company's pontoon which was like a big eating hall with platforms for snorkellers and divers.

We elected to do two dives and to be honest, the best part was the first five minutes of each ... they had a big Napoleon fish (and a few other types) trained to hang around the entry point for photo shoots. The rest of each dive was pretty sad with lots of damaged coral.


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Not such a bad place after all

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large_5550_12485222499868.jpgAlong the waterfront of Cairns is a boardwalk, lots of green and ... free pool for all.
Upon arrival we headed to our accommodation at Palm Paradise Resort.

After some rest, we hit town and went into Cairns [Cairns-travel-guide-151891]. Our impressions were really positive! We couldn't figure out why we've been given the thumbs down by most of our friends who always recommend Port Douglas instead.

We loved the cheap eats and cheap massage in the Night Market which is essentially an arcade and food hall joined together. It is a backpacker heaven I guess ... and you don't have to scratch deep below our surface to know that we enjoy value!

I can see why some think that Cairns isn't attractive ... it is set by the sea ... but turns out to be a huge mudflat during low tide. But the authorities have done their best to make it attractive with a very nice boardwalk and a free shallow pool for the public to swim in and enjoy. Visitors on a budget can stay at a hostel across the road and enjoy a free swim in the pool!


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Leave home

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I was meant to be jobless by now. So I booked a winter escape to Cairns and the Barrier Reef.

But as it turned out, I got extended in my contract rather unexpectedly. So I get to keep a job and go on a short holiday. Is that priceless or what?!

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